Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tired. more than USUAL!

i didn't get much sleep last night--i stayed with Alexia to help out with Aidan & Arielle. they're so cute. i didn't get a pic with Aidan, but i took one with the new baby who is just precious!

came home at about 1:30 or 2 & then me and Charissa went to Panera! it had been a while so we were due for our You-Pick 2! lol =] then i came home and managed to take a little nap before heading to VBS...omg the kids there are so funny! today as we were playing a game outside, one of the little girls got hit in the private area, and exclaimed, "you just hit me in the nuts!"...trying to hold back a laugh i told her that what she said wasn't very nice and that's something we shouldn't say...Pastor Tom was standing there and heard her say that too...his reply to her was..."even so, i don't think you're being anatomically correct!"---he's so funny!

here's a pic of my group:

ugh! i've had the past two days off & its been so nice...i have to work tomorrow at 11 though... =[ i was thinking about going to the pool after work but i dunno if it's supposed to rain or not...i guess i should call Tiffany LOL...

i'm ready for the weekend...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i hate balloons.

so today i woke up early...(eight o'clock!) and had to go finish setting up stuff for VBS which starts tomorrow...Sabrina and i were handed an arm full of balloons and were told to "go at it"...we needed a ridiculous amount of balloons...and we only had one pump...i used the pump for a little bit while Sabrina blew them up without help...after about 20 minutes i realized that i could blow them up faster without the pump...(it was a tiny dollar store one) after like an hour and a half of blowing up these balloons, a guy from the church came with a helium machine...thinking "wow! what a great idea! we're gonna be done in no time!" we began using the helium...we were salty when we realized the ceiling of the church is prickly and whenever the balloons rose, they would we had to go back to blowing them up with our we blew up more than 200 of those stupid seems like ever more than got to the point where they wouldn't let us do anymore cuz they thought we would die...we both felt fine; i was just getting at this point in time, i never wanna see another balloon again, and if i see any little kids popping and destroying those balloons this week i WILL put an end to it...hahaha...

i planned on just staying in Newark until i had to go to work at four, but my aunt and cousins were going to some cookout with my uncle's side of the i got gas and came back home...gas is now $3.64 by my house---so i filled up!!! lol i'm way too geeked! =]

anyways, for those of you who have rode in my car, know that my car isn't the quietest car in the world...but after today it will be!!! come to find out, well we've always known, it needs a new uncle bought me a new one yesterday and is going to change it today while i'm at i'm hoping i can stop having to turn my radio up 84394839284328 notches just to hear the songs over the horrible noise...ehh, either way i'll probably lose my hearing! lol

it seems as though everyone in my family is in a bad mood today...but i'm happy...maybe not for long though, seeing how i have to be at work in an hour and a half...

Friday, July 25, 2008

*i hope you dance*

i had a wonderful day off.

went to karaoke like we planned.

danced with an 85 year old man. now THAT wasn't planned.

there's this old guy there every week & he goes around asking ladies if they will dance with him. we normally sit near the back but today we decided to move closer to the stage. a little bit later i saw that old man coming our way, but tried to not make eye contact. he walked up to me and asked "wanna dance?"...i was like..."ehh, i don't really dance"...i mean, i love car dancing with my girls & i think slow dancing is cute...but was i for real gonna dance with this 85 year old man in front of 4839284 of ppl at the Newark Mall's Karaoke night?? saying i don't dance was the best excuse i could come up he went around to the other side of the table to try to get my aunt to dance with him...she was trying not to laugh as she said.."no, i don't dance either.." & when he kept insisting, she was like..."i'm married!"...he said "i'm married too! been married for 64 years!" & then had the nerve to come back around to me and ask..."sure you don't wanna dance?" and just as i was like "uhhh..." he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my this time, i was like *i better just dance with this poor old man; he's just not taking NO for an answer!*...he assured me he'd "be gentle" like we were about to have sex or something...i was like...uhh ok? hahaha the funny thing is we were only "dancing" for maybe, 2 minutes, but he told me alot in those 2, don't get me wrong, he's not a creepy old a stereotypical perv or anything--he's a sweet, cute, old man that looks like he should be in a nursing home...but as he was spinning me around, somehow he ended up telling me about how his exgirlfriend was a porn star...i was like oooooook? yeah...i was like..."omg how'd you find that out?" and he was like "well we dated for about a year and soon after that i saw her in a video!" he watches porn! maybe i was wrong, maybe he is a creepy, old perv...eww...i'm gonna be stayin' away from him...but we still had fun the rest of the night...

anyways, i was hungry on the way home, so of course, i stopped at Sonic...(at work we have "Texas Toothpicks" which are simply bite-sized deep fried jalapenos & onions!---mmm, they're amazing!) so as i was trying to decide what sounded good at Sonic, i saw they had these breaded cheddar n pepper bites...which to me, kinda sounded like Texas Toothpicks, which is what i was craving! lets just say i was disappointed...i won't be getting those again...first off, you only get 4 of them...they're big so when you bite into it you have to like bite through the pepper...ugh! it was just nasty...

i'm kinda tired...i have to open at work tomorrow, which means i gotta be there at 10...hopefully be out of there by four...that'll be a nice tomorrow's PAYDAY!!! ;-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"You know it's bad if I have to quote Heather Davis"

"Heather, you're confused & i'm confused BY you!"

"somethin' smells like some serious ear!"

"but you have seen & done worse!"

"i'm so's not even two!"

"you're honestly better off with my mom!"

"synonym? acronym?...gosh! i'm gonna be a teacher!"

"someone took a picture of it--it definitely wasn't her cat!"

"i'm gonna work out in the morning"..."WHAT?!?!"..."that came out totally wrong--i meant, lay out!"

"you're my mystery meat!"

"You look like a tumbleweed!"

"I was just like 'Uh, what do you know about relationships'?"

"Heather, you look...a mess!!"

"We need new friends!"

"Bri, whatchu doin' still in bed; looking like the Grim Reaper?!"

"_______'s in denial"; "I don't know why!!"

"Of course you brought it up; You were like 'I'm gonna get me some type of a man'!"

"Oh, my gosh!!!"

"How did that happen, with her...oh...gosh" lol

"You were like 'Um, I don't know her'"

"_______ is just not doin' it for me."

"Well you thought Edgar was ugly and you think _______ is cute, so you have no say in this".

"I wish I could stop loving _______"--"I know what you mean. At least you only have one".

LOL"You have both; I don't even have a cat".

"At least I was gettin' it"

"Now they have a stick up their butt".--That's not all they had up their butt".

"Where exactly is this conversation going"?

"Are we still talking about Ellen White"?--"No corndogs"!--"What does that have to do with Ice cream"?

"So the Ice Cream was perfect. Guess what it was. Banana Split"!--"Ewww, was that supposed to be gross"?

"Okay, don't ever tell me a story this late again".

"You should feel so privileged".

"Heather, you Big Black Bear!!!"


*sigh* i'm soooo glad i'm off tomorrow...i've had to close the past like three days at work...i used to absolutely hate closing at Panera but i really don't mind closing at Tumbleweed (i'm just really ready for a day that i don't have to close) because that means i'm the boss...i get to tell people..."clean this and then you can leave" or "go get me some more glasses for the beverage station" hahaha...i like that...& closing isn't hard and annoying (like at Panera i was cleaning up bread crumbs for 2 1/2 hrs)--it just means that i'm not gonna get home until, oh--11:30 pm...

i must admit, i've learned so much since i started working at a restaurant...
1) when you go out to eat, tell your server "i need some A1 sauce with my steak" or "can i please have some extra dressing with my salad" when you ORDER not after she's dropped your food's hard enough to remember that table 51 needs extra napkins, drink refills, ketchup, and another bowl of chips & salsa but when you are trying to serve 4324839 tables at once, things get pretty chaotic...but if you tell your server when you order she can make sure to put it on the ticket so it comes out with your food...this reduces time spent running to and from the kitchen...which is really annoying...
2) at LEAST tip 10%...i've always been a really good tipper, but now that i work at Tumbleweed, i always wanna throw an extra dollar or two on the table before i leave a can ask tif, the other night when we went to steak n shake, our bill together was like $5 and i was like..."i can't just leave $1!!!"
3) the phrase "thank you" is never oversaid. i hate it when i carry a HUGE tray out to a HUGE party, pass everyone's food out, ask if everything's ok...and STILL don't get a little "thank you"...i know it's my JOB but some people don't have any manners...

so tomorrow instead of working, i'm gonna sleep in (what am i saying? i do that everyday until Tim texts me and is like "wake up" or tells Ally to get me out of bed!) [:-* for you sweetie!] & then who knows what i'm doing all afternoon...the mall has karaoke every thurs. during the summer, so me, my aunt, and cousins are gonna go to that...they usually go every week...but i haven't had a thurs. off to go since summer started...

i almost shit myself today when i looked at the schedule for next week and saw i was on there for 4 pm, 5 pm, etc...i was like...uhh wtf is going on? (VBS is next week, so i had requested only morning shifts about 3 weeks in advance so i could go straight from work to the church)...i guess i had put my requests in the wrong "book", so the manager had to redo the schedule just for me! lol so it's all good...but i was about ready to flip!

so is it just me or are gas prices slightly going down? gas at the gas station down from my house always has gas for cheaper than say, Newark or Columbus...but yesterday i noticed that even the gas in Heath was down to $3.75! i was like "dammmn that's a steal!" ;-) doggie is getting so old and her arthritus is horrible...she can't get up without mom really wants to put her to sleep...she told my dad to call the vet today to see what we have to do for the whole process...i can't imagine life without her...i mean she's annoying at times, but i've had her ever since i was 5!!! so pray for that whole situation.

well i'm gonna get ready for bed. :-) night peeps! haha

Monday, July 21, 2008

back online!

it feels like i haven't been online in forever, ok it's only been since friday, but still...

this weekend was fun...charissa was away for the weekend, so tif and i "apartment sat" pic will explain everything:

we WUVVVV "lemonade" hahaha...

anyways, then on sat. we went to the dayton airshow after church...we mapquested directions and they were trying to get us lost...but i called tim and then we didn't have any problems finding once we finally got there we saw that tickets were like $19 we were like "damn! are you freaking kidding me?" so we went up to pay and the guy told us to wait five mins. and we could just get in for free! we were like "score!" but right then a lady came up and gave us her tickets! so we went right in! we watched the last of the airshow and then went up in a few planes...and a helicopter.... according to tif that's all you need to do at the airshow--"go in one or two planes and the helicopter" then you're good to go! sooo we thought...hmm, ICECREAM!?!?! so we went to this really cute icecream place...that "tif had been to before" HAHAHAHA! anyways...after about two hours we decided to head back to Columbus...i didn't wanna leave but...tif made

then today i had to get up early for a VBS meeting--i was a crewleader last summer and loved it (plus it looks really good on my resume! haha)! so i'm definitely doing it again this year! the kids are so cute and we have a lot of fun!

after that i spent pretty much all afternoon with my granddad...he finally said "when are you taking those wizard of oz plates?"...ever since i was a little girl, i've always loved the wizard of when my uncle (the gay one lol) bought all the collector plates (that have music boxes) from the bradford exchange i was so excited...i remember getting geeked everytime a new plate came in the mail!...they just sat in his closet and he eventually moved out, leaving them there collecting dust...i don't know why he spent so much money on them (they're $30/plate and he bought 12 of them!) just to leave them...but he always told me they were OUR plates! so when he started having problems with my family, my grandma told me that those plates were in her house and that he wasn't gonna get them--basically they were mine...well ever since gram passed away, my granddad's been trying to give everyone the things my grandma told them they could have...she wanted my aunt to have her jewelry box, my mom to have the piano, and i got those plates...somehow my granddad didn't know that i had claims on them and when my aunt (who loves the wizard of oz as well) asked for them, he said she could have them...well, i ended up finding out and told him what was she didn't know either and didn't have a problem with me taking them...but everytime i've been over there, she's usually there and although i know she's fine with me having them, i just felt really bad taking them in front of i took them today when she wasn't there...there was also a huge snowglobe that went along with the plates...i'm wondering if he bought them all or if there are more to the set...i'm going to look online sometime this week to see...cuz i wanna get the ones i'm missing...although i'm thinking they might be hard to find since he did buy them in, oh...1994!!!

work sucked today but i got to see Austin before i went to work! i swear i hadn't seen that lil brat in FOREVER! lol but he told me i'm his best friend...

well i'm exhausted so i should go to bed soon. =]

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i am tired, sore, & burnt

first off--i went back and made the font on my last post larger...i'm not really sure why it was that small, but no worries, its all better now!

so right now i'm pretty uncomfortable...after being outside for over 6 hours yesterday, i didn't really see evidence of the sun i today when my cousin asked me to take her to the pool, i thought--sure! we were only there for ehh, 2 hours or so but i got BURNT! lol i have a line where my bikini top was! haha but at least i know i'll be darker here in a few days...

not only am i burnt, but i'm sore from playing in the slip n slide last night and itching cuz i got mosquito bites on my leg and i'm soooo freaking tired from work...i showed up to work today and thought i was gonna fall asleep! the sun just drains all the energy out of you, making it almost impossible to i was pretty excited when it was time for me to come home...

i have tomorrow and saturday off so i think we may be headed back to the pool...maybe i'll wear some sun screen this time! lol ;-) Tiffany and i were planning on chilling at my house this weekend, but Tim mentioned that the Dayton Airshow is this i think we might go down to that (well Tim's probably bought the tickets already!)...i went with Heather and Daniel a few years was fun...that was the year i got a really bad sunburn and since i wore a necklace that day, i had a very interesting necklace line around my neck...*embarrassing!*...

i also met with my advisor (she wasn't the friendliest person in the world) today and scheduled classes...i'm taking a total of three classes! lol well one of my classes is 8 credit hours! yes, EIGHT CREDIT HOURS! lol that's insane, i know...but most of the time i will be in a classroom again...i LOVED observing at Ruth Murdoch so when my advisor told me about my option of taking that class, i knew right then i wanted to take it! she said that i'll be in a public school (obviously) and that i'll get really involved with the class...this is good for two reasons:
1) although as long as i can remember wanting to be a teacher, i've always imagined working in an SDA school...but the more i think about it and the further along in achieving my degree i realize that i'd probably be happier working in a public school...who knows though, they both have pros and cons like every job. and 2) i really like being involved with the Ruth Murdoch, i would grade papers and occassionally help the students with math, reading, etc. but for the most part i was just sitting in the back of the class watching the teacher cut the mess out of the students (which, if you ever read my observation papers, you will be able to tell that really pissed me off lol) i'm excited to be more involved. along with that class i'm taking Anthropology (study of ppl!? seems boring but easy!) and then a required OSU class that basically just teaches you about the history of OSU & that type of thing...Charissa said it's a really easy, boring class it only meets one day a week!)...

after having to get 483924832 phones due to water damage, over charging, bad batteries, etc. i think i've finally convinced my mom to get me insurance! today at the pool, my cell got a little wet and ever since, hasn't worked turned off and when i turned it on the only thing on the screen was the Verizon symbol...then it kept vibrating for literally like 10 minutes...i was like "omg is my phone having a seizure?" lol so i guess my peaceful, relaxing day off tomorrow will be interrupted by a stressful visit to Verizon...

well i'm very tired; hope everyone has a good night! =]