Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tired. more than USUAL!

i didn't get much sleep last night--i stayed with Alexia to help out with Aidan & Arielle. they're so cute. i didn't get a pic with Aidan, but i took one with the new baby who is just precious!

came home at about 1:30 or 2 & then me and Charissa went to Panera! it had been a while so we were due for our You-Pick 2! lol =] then i came home and managed to take a little nap before heading to VBS...omg the kids there are so funny! today as we were playing a game outside, one of the little girls got hit in the private area, and exclaimed, "you just hit me in the nuts!"...trying to hold back a laugh i told her that what she said wasn't very nice and that's something we shouldn't say...Pastor Tom was standing there and heard her say that too...his reply to her was..."even so, i don't think you're being anatomically correct!"---he's so funny!

here's a pic of my group:

ugh! i've had the past two days off & its been so nice...i have to work tomorrow at 11 though... =[ i was thinking about going to the pool after work but i dunno if it's supposed to rain or not...i guess i should call Tiffany LOL...

i'm ready for the weekend...

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